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X-Form Tipping Skips

Manufactured from high strength, low alloy 3mm steel, the X-Form tipping skip range is made up of 2 models; the auto locking ALS-120 and the original TS-120 manual tipping model. 

 The Auto Locking Tipping Skip has been engineered to make the process of lifting, transporting and emptying safer, faster and more efficient by allowing the driver to remain in the cab through the whole operation. The locking mechanism automatically engages behind the heels of both forks when the skip is lifted and will only release when placed back on the ground. Designed for Telehandlers, the skip is emptied by dumping the headstock of the machine forward.

The Manual Release Tipping Skip is designed for a variety of machines from telehandlers & loaders, to masted forklifts. To empty the skip the operator simply operates a lever on the rear of the skip.


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Pallet Tine Mounted

Part Number
Auto locking tipping skip
1.20m³ (43ft³)
TS-120 Manual release tipping skip 1.20m³ (43ft³)


ALS-120 Auto Locking Model - For Telescopic Handlers

  • Safer and Faster - Automatically locks onto the heels of the fork.
  • Steel - Manufactured from high strength, Domex steel.
  • Finish - Painted in Anti-Corrosive paint, available in a wide range of colours.
  • Fixed Hopper - The Tipping Skip is emptied by dumping the headstock of the Telehandler forward meaning the user doesn’t have to leave the cab to operate. 

ALS-120 Gallery


TS-120 Tipping Skip - For Loaders, Telescopic Handlers or Masted Forklifts

  • Operator Instructions - clear instructions are placed above the release handle.
  • Release Handle - positioned as low as possible, on the same side as the Telehandler cab, and with suffient room between the hopper and the forklift carriage for safe use.
  • Safety Ring- locks the handle and prevents it from being released automatically.
  • Release Handle Lock- the safety ring can be padlocked into place.
  • Self Locking Return - the geomoetry of the hopper allows it to roll forward when full and automatically lock back into place once emptied.
  • Enclosed Spring - incorporated into the hook assembly to protect it from damage.
  • Secure Packered Frame - reduces movement during transportation and emptying.
  • Frame Feet - helps raise the tipping skip off of soft and uneven surfaces.
  • Optional Secure Cable - prevents the tipping skip sliding off the fork tines.

TS-120 Gallery


Part Number
Auto locking tipping skip replacement Gas Strut (Each)

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