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X-Form Multi Buckets

The X-Form range of Multi Buckets offers strength, build quality and design. Domex steel comes in stronger, lighter and more durable than mild steel equivalents with 'heavy duty' features such as heat treated wear edges, coastal grade two pack paint, high capacity rams, high grade pins, and unbeatable clamping power. All models also come with a heat treated reversible toe plate, domex profiled tines and removable side panels as standard.

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Brackets Included

Part Number Capacity
Weight Kg
MS-60 1.08m³ (38ft³)
6' (1.85m)
1.12m (3'10'')
1.16m (3'11'')
MS-66 1.17m³ (41ft³)
6'6'' (2.00m)
1.12m (3'10'')
1.16m (3'11'')


MS-70 1.26m³ (44ft³)
7' (2.15m)
1.12m (3'10'')
1.16m (3'11'')
MS-76 1.35m³ (48ft³)
7'6'' (2.30m)
1.12m (3'10'')
1.16m (3'11'')
MS-80 1.44m³ (51ft³)
8' (2.45m)
1.12m (3'10'')
1.16m (3'11'')

*Please note that if you order a bucket and grab on Merlo or Cat brackets you will need to add a check valve, part number CT13 and £155 on to any of the RRP's above*

x form

Replacement Toe Plates

MSWE60 1850mm (6') 6 335mm 150 x 20mm £305
MSWE66 2000mm (6'6") 6 365mm 150 x 20mm £330
MSWE70 2150mm (7') 7 325mm 150 x 20mm £350
MSWE76 2300mm (7'6") 7 360mm 150 x 20mm £370
MSWE80 2450mm (8') 8 320mm 150 x 20mm £375
Please add 'DT' to the part numbers above for the Weld On toe plate with drilled and tapped holes
For Spare MS Toe Plate Bolts use Part Number XFTPB02 (55mm) including nylock RRP £7 each


  • Paint, coastal grade 2 pack polyurethane. Designed to extend paint life against a standard paint finish.Removable Sides, bolt in to allow extra capacity when required.
  • Domex Steel, high strength, low alloy for maximum strength at minimum weight.
  • Unique Integral Box Technology, integrated brackets form the basis of a heavy duty design.
  • Rolled back, gives extra strength with the added benefit of less material sticking in the back of the bucket.
  • Bolt on Toe Plate, heat treated for extra wear. Easily removable when worn.
  • Pins, high grade, large diameter, zinc plated for longer working life.
  • Hydraulic Cylinders, high capacity, long stroke for a wide opening (1.67m) and powerful bite.



Part NumberDescriptionRRP
MS_BSP MS-Bolt on Bucket Side Plate £205
MS_PP MS-Pivot Pin (c/w Grease Nipple) £95
MS_HRTP MS-Hydraulic Ram Top Pin £50
MS_HRBP MS-Hydraulic Ram Bottom Pin £50
MS_HR MS-Hydraulic Ram  £420
MS_HRSK MS-Hydraulic Ram Seal Kit £105
MS_HHS_60 MS-60 Hydraulic Hose Set £170
MS_HHS_66 MS-66 Hydraulic Hose Set £185
MS_HHS_70 MS-70 Hydraulic Hose Set £190
MS_HHS_76 MS-76 Hydraulic Hose Set £200
MS_HHS_80 MS-80 Hydraulic Hose Set £210
QRC_M ½" BSP Quick Release Coupling-Male £35
QRC_F ½" BSP Quick Release Coupling-Female £50



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