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Bucket Brushes


In partnership with Eastern Attachments, Cherry Products are extremely pleased to be able to offer the X-Form range of Bucket Brushes.

With a galvanized body and adjustable frame our bucket brushes fit most tractor and telehandler buckets for a quick easy yard sweeping. Hard wearing, reverse action poly brushes offer a low cost and effective clearing solution.

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Part NumberDescription£ RRP 
BS60 Hydraulic Bucket Brush (to fit 6' bucket) c/w mounting brackets £1,730
BS66 Hydraulic Bucket Brush (to fit 6'6'' bucket) c/w mounting brackets £1,765
BS70 Hydraulic Bucket Brush (to fit 7' bucket) c/w mounting brackets £1,800
BS76 Hydraulic Bucket Brush (to fit 7'6'' bucket) c/w mounting brackets £1,840
BS80 Hydraulic Bucket Brush (to fit 8' bucket) c/w mounting brackets £1,875
BS86 Hydraulic Bucket Brush (to fit 8'6" bucket) c/w mounting brackets £1,915


- Galvanised body manufactured from high strength Domex steel.

- Hard wearing poly brushes.

- Reversible brush rotation.  

- Supplied with pipework. 

- Easy to fit and maintain. 

- Can stand alone upright when not in use.

- Suitable for telehandler buckets. 

- Min. flow required - 20lpm. Max. flow - 100lpm. Max. pressure - 250bar.

- Fitting Service Available - please call the sales office for details.  

*Bucket not Included in RRP* 




Part NumberDescription£RRP
BS-C Collar £16
BS-B Bearing £25
BS-BCC-60 BS60 Bristle and Cartridge Complete Set £644
BS-BCC-66 BS66 Bristle and Cartridge Complete Set £675
BS-BCC-70 BS70 Bristle and Cartridge Complete Set £706
BS-BCC-76 BS76 Bristle and Cartridge Complete Set £738
BS-BCC-80 BS80 Bristle and Cartridge Complete Set £769
BS-BCC-86 BS86 Bristle and Cartridge Complete Set £800
BS-HHS Hydraulic Hose Set £113
BS-MH Hydraulic Motor £675
BS-HMDB Hydraulic Motor Drive Block £44
BS-LP Locking Pin £13
BS-MB Mounting Bracket Set £50
BS-MH Mounting Hook £56
BS-MA Mounting Arm £63
BS-HAB Height Adjustment Box £69
BS-HAF Height Adjustment Foot £44
BS-DD-60 BS60 Debris Deflector £200
BS-DD-66 BS66 Debris Deflector £206
BS-DD-70 BS70 Debris Deflector £213
BS-DD-76 BS76 Debris Deflector £219
BS-DD-80 BS80 Debris Deflector £225
BS-DD-86 BS86 Debris Deflector £231
BS-RBS-60 BS60 Replacement Bristle Set £360
BS-RBS-66 BS66 Replacement Bristle Set £380
BS-RBS-70 BS70 Replacement Bristle Set £400
BS-RBS-76 BS76 Replacement Bristle Set £420
BS-RBS-80 BS80 Replacement Bristle Set £440
BS-RBS-86 BS86 Replacement Bristle Set £460













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