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Tines and Valves

 We stock a wide range of Tines and bushes to meet the needs of all types of work. As with all of our parts range, we keep a massive selection in stock, so items will usually be despatched on the same day of purchase. All of our tine range has been tried and tested in the working environment, aiding farmers in maximising the potential of their Cherry attachments. If you are unsure which item is right for you, contact our sales office and will try to advise you on the best products.

Unsure which tine is right? Download our tine info sheet on the download section of the page.


     Part Number          

                                                                               Description                                                                                                             Size                                     £RRP         
CT01/T Tapered Socket Round Red Tine 50mmØx1100m £85.00
CT02/HD Hardox Tine (50mm width) 50mmx980mm  £95.00
CT02/HD/0 Hardox Tine (50mm width) 50mmx1200mm £110.00
CT02/HD/1 Hardox Tine (50mm width) 50mmx1400mm £125.00
CT02/HD/2 Hardox Tine (50mm width) 50mmx1600mm £165.00
CT02/HD/3 Hardox Tine (40mm width) 40mmx1400mm £100.00
CT02/HD/4 Hardox Tine (40mm width) 40mmx1200mm £85.00
CT02/HD/5 Hardox Tine (40mm width) 40mmx980mm £70.00
CT03/0 KV Type Tine 1400mm £70.00
CT03/1 KV Type Tine 1250mm £65.00
CT03/2 KV Type Tine 1100mm £60.00
CT03/3 KV Type Tine 980mm £50.00
CT03/4 KV Type Tine 820mm £40.00
CT03/5 KV Type Tine 680mm £35.00
CT06 KV Type Curved Tine 810mm £45.00
CT06/1 KV Type Curved Tine 680mm £40.00
CTBG14 Bale Grab Claw Tine  N/A £30.00
CT13 Check Valve N/A £100.00
CT14 Flow Divider Valve N/A £185.00
COV-K-KIT Change-Over valve kit for a Kramer built machine N/A £170.00
COV-L-KIT Change-Over valve kit for a Liebherr built machine N/A £170.00


Our hardox Tines are manufactured in a Hardox Certified workshop


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