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Pallet Fork Carriages

The Cherry Pallet Fork Carriage range is built specifically to be suitable for any machine with tines to match. The benefit of having a pallet fork carriage is that you can pick up and drop off your tines like any other attachment, rather than having to remove them manually.

Our pallet fork carriages have a safe working load stamped onto the serial plate.  The lift capacity of the machine and pallet tines must never be exceeded.

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Brackets Included - Price for Carriage only for Pallet Tines please click here. 

Part No.DescriptionCapacityWidthHeightDepth£ RRP
CP39EC Class ITA 2 (Euro 8 Brackets Only) 1500 KGS 1.00m (3'3") 0.40m (1'4") 0.20m (8") £635
CP39 Class ITA 2 2500 KGS 1.16m (3'10") 0.40m (1'4") 0.31m (1') £775
CP40 Class ITA 3 4500 KGS 1.16m (3'10") 0.50m (1'8") 0.31m (1') £825
CP50 Class ITA 4 6000 KGS 1.16m (3'10") 0.63m (2'1") 0.31m (1') £945
CP41 JCB 50mm Bar Fork Carriage 3500 KGS 1.25m (4'1") 1.16m (3'10") 0.31m (1') £980
CP51 JCB 57mm Bar Fork Carriage 5500 KGS 1.25m (4'1") 1.16m (3'10") 0.31m (1') £1015
CP32 Merlo Fork Carriage 4500 KGS 1.22m (4') 0.60m (2') 0.31m (1') £890
CPLG Load / Brick Guard N/A N/A N/A N/A £275

If you dont already have a tine bar to use in our CP41 or CP51 carriages or with our JCBRB Tines please see the information in the table below.

Part No.
Width mm
Diameter mm
50mm Ø Tine Bar (Bar Only)
3500 KGS
57mm Ø Tine Bar (Bar Only)
5500 KGS


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