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Snow Blades

Brackets or 3 point linkage included on all models. All models come as standard at 2.70m (9') wide which covers a 2.45m (8') track when angled. An adjustable heavy duty wheel set included within the price. 

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Part Number
Snow blade (folded front blade)  manually adjustable to the left or right
Snow blade (folded front blade)  hydraulically adjustable to the left or right

Key Features:

- Ideal for clearing roads, driveways, car parks and yards etc. 

- Heavy duty wheel set included.

- Suitable for Telehandlers, Loaders & Tractors.

- Folded plate structure ensures strength and durability.

-  3 point linkage fixings  (bracket mount on request).

- 200mm x 50mm thick Rubber edge included as standard.


Part NumberDescriptionRRP 
CW01 Full Wheel Assembly (with fittings to adjust height) £835
CW02 Wheels and Tyres only (pair) £375
CW03 Wheel Pivot Pin 32mmØ 300mm long £45
CPRE/SP1 Replacement rubber edge 150mm x 25mm (pre 2014 models) £280
CPRE/SP2 Replacement rubber edge 200mm x 50mm (2014 models onwards) £420
CF07P02 Pivot Pin 38mmØ 145mm long £50
CSP-LP Hydraulic Cylinder/Manual Stay Pins 25mmØ 270mm long with Tag £50
CSP-MSB Manual Stay Bar £90
CSP-S Stand £50
CSP-SLP Stand Locking Pin 16mmØ 110mm long with Handle £25
CP05 Hydraulic Cylinder £300


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