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Tractor Loader/Skidsteer fork and grabs

The Cherry range of fork and grabs for Loaders and Skidsteers come as standard with two high capacity hydraulic cylinders, with high grade zinc plated pins for long working life. A wide, 910mm opening grab means the grab can be used in a  variety of applications, from mucking out to moving bales. Hydraulic hoses included as standard. KV type tines are bushed into the bottom fork box. 

Brackets Included

*KV Tines Only*

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Part No.WidthHeightDepthm​3Ft​3KilosTines£ RRP
FG4 1220mm (4') 800mm 820mm 0.71m​3 25ft​3 240 kgs KV type £1,536
FG46 1370mm (4'6") 800mm 820mm 0.79m​3 28ft​3 270 kgs KV type £1,585
FG5 1525mm (5') 800mm 820mm 0.88m​3 31ft​3 300 kgs KV type £1,665
FG56 1680mm (5'6'') 800mm 820mm 0.96m​3 34ft​3 330 kgs KV type £1,700
FG6 1830mm (6') 800mm 820mm 1.05m​3 37ft​3 360 kgs KV type £1,830
FG66 1980mm (6'6'') 800mm 820mm 1.19m​3 42ft​3 380 kgs KV type £1,865

*To add side tines please add 'ST' to the end of each part number - £RRP is £95*



Part Number
Side Tines


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