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Forks with Bolt On Grab

The CF02 range uses our renowned base fork design with a durable box section frame and tubing back which allows the user a full view of the operation. As with all of our forks, a variety of tines can be used including Kverneland style, 2 inch round tines and Hardox style tines. The grapple on top is profile cut and works on a twin ram system. The top grab grapple is also removable, allowing the attachment to be used as a standard manure fork.

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Brackets Included / 1.99m Vertical Opening Height

Part No.CapacityWidthHeightDepthWeight KgTinesNo. RRP 
CF02SK 1.59m³ (56ft³) 1.98m (6'6") 1.20m (4') 1.10m (3'7") 520 KV type 9 £5815
CF02SHD 1.59m³ (56ft³) 1.98m (6'6") 1.20m (4') 1.20m (4') 505 Hardox 8 £6400
CF02AK 1.71m³ (60ft³) 2.13m (7') 1.20m (4') 1.10m (3'7") 560 KV type 9 £5970
CF02A 1.71m³ (60ft³) 2.13m (7') 1.20m (4') 1.10m (3'7") 538 2'' round 9 £6355
CF02AHD 1.71m³ (60ft³) 2.13m (7') 1.20m (4') 1.20m (4') 558 Hardox 8 £6695
CF02K 1.84m³ (65ft³) 2.28m (7'6") 1.20m (4') 1.10m (3'7") 600 KV type 10 £6200
CF02 1.84m³ (65ft³) 2.28m (7'6") 1.20m (4') 1.10m (3'7") 560 2'' round 10 £6600
CF02HD 1.84m³ (65ft³) 2.28m (7'6") 1.20m (4') 1.20m (4') 582 Hardox 9 £6980
CF02KW 1.95m³ (68ft³) 2.45m (8') 1.20m (4') 1.10m (3'7") 620 KV type 11 £6405
CF02W 1.95m³ (68ft³) 2.45m (8') 1.20m (4') 1.10m (3'7") 630 2'' round 11 £6845
CF02HDW 1.95m³ (68ft³) 2.45m (8') 1.20m (4') 1.20m (4') 645 Hardox 10 £7265


All of the forks in this range come with a tube style back for maximum strength and visibility. For another type of fork back to suit your application, please add one of the below part numbers to your enquiry with your Dealer. 

Part Number
Middle section plated to protect machine's headstock
No Extra Cost
CM2 Whole fork back plated No Extra Cost
Whole fork back plated with 'Cherry' cut out and visibility slots
No Extra Cost
DST01 Double Side Tines £375
CT13 Check Valve £155


Part NumberDescriptionRRP 
CF02P02 Top Ram Pin £50
CF02P03 Bottom Ram Pin £50
CT03/1 1250mm KV Tine £100
CT03/2 1100mm Long, Straight KV Type Tine W/ M28 Nut £95
CT02/HD 980mm Hardox Tine £145
CT02/HD/0 1200mm Long, Straight Hardox Tine 50mm Thick  £160
CT02/HD/2 1600mm Hardox Tine £235
CT02/HD/4 1200m Long, Straight Hardox Tine 40mm Thick £135
CT02/HD/5 980mm Hardox Tine (40mm width) £115
CT01/T 1100mm Long, Straight Round 50mm Ø Tine W/ M28 Nut £125
C2B Conus 2 Bush 41mm Ø £25
CP06 Hydraulic Cylinder £310
CT13 Check Valve £155
CT08/CF02 Replacement Top Grab  £2785

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