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Buck Rakes

Designed for large horsepower tractors, the new CF05 range is built with durability in mind and proves very popular for it's reliability and strength.

The large push off gate is built with a laser cut and pressed 5mm thick sheet with 20mm thick stiffeners to ensure maximum strength, with the laser cut slots offering great visibility.  As standard the Buck Rake comes with Cat 2/3 Point Linkage, flow valve, ultra strong S700 pushing arms, four side tines and reflective chevrons. The heavy duty design of the product allows for greater productivity, less down time and is the perfect choice for contracting work. A choice of Hardox and KV style tines are available with a 1260mm working length. 

Design features include the 8mm walled bottom box tine holder, which is supported by a full width 25mm base plate and a further three 20mm thick bucket edge wear pads. The 25mm thick arm profiles are cut from S700 grade steel, all of the pins are high grade and zinc plated. The 38mm Ø pivot pin utilises the retaining bolt design from our HD fork and grabs. 

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Three Point Linkage Included / Black as standard - Please add £275 onto the RRP to have the unit painted in colours other than Black.

*For three point linkage and bracket mount add £805 to the RRP*

*Option of a heavy duty weldmesh gate add £285 to the RRP and 'WMG' to any of the below part numbers*

Part No.CapacityWidthHeightDepthWeight KgTinesNo.RRP
CF0508K 3.92m³ (138ft³) 2.45m (8')  1.46m (4'9") 1.40m (4'7") 925 KV type 13 £8120
CF0508HD 3.92m³ (138ft³) 2.45m (8')  1.46m (4'9") 1.40m (4'7") 1120 Hardox 10 £8440
CF0509K 4.38m³ (154ft³) 2.71m (9')  1.46m (4'9") 1.40m (4'7") 1040 KV type 14 £8610
CF0509HD 4.38m³ (154ft³) 2.71m (9')  1.46m (4'9") 1.40m (4'7") 1260 Hardox 11 £8950
CF0510K 4.87m³ (172ft³) 3.00m (10') 1.46m (4'9") 1.40m (4'7") 1150 KV type 15 £9145
CF0510HD 4.87m³ (172ft³) 3.00m (10')  1.46m (4'9") 1.40m (4'7") 1400 Hardox 12 £9535



  • Laser Cut and Pressed Gate, providing maximum strength.
  •   Flow Valve, ensures even arm movement.
  • Tine Holder, 8mm bottom box wall thickness with a full width 25mm base plate and extra 20mm thick bucket edge wear pads.
  • Heavy Duty Arms as Standard, 25mm thick S700 profiles. 
  • Pins, high grade, zinc plated pivot pins 38mm Ø.
  • Hydraulic Cylinders, high capacity for maximum productivity and reliability.
  • Colour Options, we offer paint finishes to suit most Tractor liveries.
  • Reflective Chevrons,  all gates with the laser cut gate will have reflective chevrons as standard.


Part NumberDescriptionRRP 
CF05HCP01 38mm Ø Top Pivot Pin 250mm Long £60
CF05HCP02 25mm Ø Top Ram Pin 140mm Long £40
CF05HCP03 25mm Ø Bottom Ram Pin 250mm Long £40
CF05HCP04 25mm Ø Bottom Gate Pivot Pin 80mm Long (pre 2018 models) £40
CF05HCP05 30mm Ø Bottom Gate Pivot Pin 80mm Long W/Grease Nipple (from 2019 models) £45
CF05HCP06 25mm Ø Bottom Gate Pivot Pin 80mm with nylon Bush (2018 models) £40
CT02HD/1 1400mm Long, Hardox Base Tine 50mm Thick £185
CT02/HD/3 1400mm Long, Hardox Base Tine 40mm Thick £155
CT03/0 1400mm Long, KV Type Base Tine w/ M28 Nut £110
CT03/5 820mm Long, KV Type Side Tine w/ M20 Nut £60
CT03/3 980mm Long, KV Type Side Tine w/ M28 Nut £80
CF05HC/LHA Left Hand Push Off Arm £560
CF05HC/RHA Right Hand Push Off Arm £560
CF05HDTG Hardox Tine Guides (Pair) W/Bolts £165
CF05KVTG KV Tine Guides (Pair) W/Bolts £165
CF05RSS Reflective Sticker Set £160
CT14 Flow Divider Valve £275
CP01 Hydraulic Cylinder £325
C1B Conus 1 Bush 33.5mmØ £25
C2B Conus 2 Bush 41mmØ £30
CAT3-3TBALL CAT 3 Outside Ø CAT 3 Inside Ø Top Link Ball £25
CAT3-3BBALL CAT 3 Outside Ø CAT 3 Inside Ø Bottom Link Ball £25
CAT3-TLP CAT 3 Top link Pin £45
CAT3-BLP CAT 3 Bottom Link Pin £50
CAT2-TLP CAT 2 Top Link Pin £40
CAT3-2THB CAT 3 to CAT 2 Top Reducer Bushes (pair) £40



Bespoke Builds

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Buck Rake


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