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New Generation Composite Fire Extinguishers

British made using state-of-the-art, clean manufacturing processes.  Our patented extinguishers employ technology pioneered by the motor racing, defence, aircraft and aerospace industries. On average our customers benefit from a 47% cost saving over a 10 year period.  Our Composite extinguishers are lighter and safer to use, will significantly reduce inventory, are environmentally friendly and offer your business substantial cost savings.

The high performace foam and pulse technology used in our new generation composite extinguishers enable them to be used on Class A fires (combustible fueled such as wood, paper, cloth, rubber and many plastics), Class B fires (flammable liquid or flammable gas fueled) and Electrical fires.

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Part NumberMarine Part NumberTypeContentsFire TypesCapacity Fire RatingFilled Weight KgHeightDischarge DurationDischarge Distance£RRP
P50F2 P50F2M FOAM AFFF Class A, Class B, Electrical 2 Litre 8A-55B 2.8 410mm 18 sec 3m £66
P50F6 P50F6M 6 Litre 34A-183B 8.5 570mm 40 sec 4m £150
P50F9 P50F9M 9 Litre 43A-233B 11.7 640mm 49 sec 7m £173
Part NumberDescription£RRP
P50SAFESIGN1 AFFF Foam Photoluminescent ID Sign - Landscape £4
P50SAFESIGN2 AFFF Foam Photoluminescent ID Sign - Portrait £4
P50SAFESIGN5 Fire Blanket Photoluminescent ID Sign - Landscape £4
F/SBRACKET Black Bespoke Stand (suitable for 6-9kg Extinguishers) £28
EST3 Single Moulded Stand (Red Plastic) £39
EST7 Double Moulded Stand (Red Plastic) £66
CAB0240 Red PVC Cover (Suitable for 9Kg Extinguisher) £11
CABINET1 Single cabinet - Easy Wall (Suitable for 9Kg Extinguisher) £75
FB1.2X1.2 Fire Blanket 1.2m x 1.2m £24


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Our team are ready to support your business.  Contact us to arrange a quotation and discover how much you could save by changing to our new generation of composite extinguishers.

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