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Rotary Slashers

Our heavy duty rotary toppers are most popular for use in heavy rushes, gorse, bracken and to clear woodland rides. With two models to suit 50-100 HP tractors and with 2 cutting widths it make these machines very versatile.


Part No.Cutting WidthCutting HeightHP requiredCutter Blades or ChainsWeightPTO ProtectionTop Panel ThicknessOptionsRRP


3" - 8" 50 - 80 HP

3 x chains as standard

(3 x blades optional)
675 KG Shear Bolt & Overrun clutch 5mm 100 HP gearbox & friction clutch £5250


3" - 8" 60 - 100 HP

4 x chains as standard

(4 x blades optional)
910 KG Shear Bolt & Overrun clutch  5mm Friction clutch £7200


RS1700 has a 5’6” cutting width and fitted with 3 chains or blades

RS2000 has a 6’6” cutting width and fitted with 4 chains or blades

- 5mm top panel substantially reinforced with RHS framework at stress points

- The body has a square profile with guard chains to ensure optimum cutting and secondary mulching for maximum clearance of scrub material

- High tensile cutter chains make light work of bracken, heather, gorse and scrub and are ideal in stony conditions

- Spring steel cutter blades are the perfect choice for cutting rushes in light stone conditions, outperforming pasture toppers on rougher work

- Heavy duty rotor with easy interchange between cutter chains or blades

- Cutting height adjustable on an easy pin system

- Tubular skids provide manoeuvrability especially in wetter conditions

- Overrun clutch and shear bolt protection on PTO driveline

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