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Toe Tip Buckets

Our range of Toe Tip Buckets allow for a greater height of tip, which benefits some applications that use high side trailers for instance. The design is based upon large high capacity cylinders which enter the bucket through a boxed in section (single cylinder models), or a stepped floor (twin cylinder models).

The Bucket itself is built with our normal strengthening designs, with the bracket frame angles tweaked for each bracket type to allow for maximum tip to be achieved. 

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Brackets Included - Single cylinder options shown below.

Telehandler Models;

Part No.CapacityWidthHeightDepthWeight Kg£ RRP
CB14S 0.73m³ (26ft³) 1.98m (6'6") 0.85m (2'9") 0.92m (3') 590 £3,945
CB15S 1.21m³ (43ft³) 1.98m (6'6") 0.94m (3'1") 1.20m (4') 670 £4,110
CB14A 0.79m³ (28ft³) 2.13m (7') 0.85m (2'9") 0.92m (3') 640 £4,080
CB15A 1.30m³ (46ft³) 2.13m (7') 0.94m (3'1") 1.20m (4') 660 £4,200
CB16A 1.84m³ (65ft³) 2.13m (7') 1.07m (3'6") 1.45m (4'9) 700 £4,330
CB14 0.84m³ (30ft³) 2.28m (7'6") 0.85m (2'9") 0.92m (3') 675 £4,145
CB15 1.41m³ (50ft³) 2.28m (7'6") 0.94m (3'1") 1.20m (4') 690 £4,270
CB16 1.98m³ (70ft³) 2.28m (7'6") 1.07m (3'6") 1.45m (4'9) 720 £4,395
CB14W 0.89m³ (32ft³) 2.45m (8') 0.85m (2'9") 0.92m (3') 650 £4,080
CB15W 1.50m³ (53ft³) 2.45m (8') 0.94m (3'1") 1.20m (4') 700 £4,320
CB16W 2.11m³ (74ft³) 2.45m (8') 1.07m (3'6") 1.45m (4'9) 760 £4,455
Loader/Skidsteer Models;
Part No.CapacityWidthHeightDepthWeight Kg£ RRP
CB16FE03 0.53m³ (19ft³) 1.52m (5') 0.62m (2') 0.71m (2'4") 390 £3,450
CB15FE02 0.59m³ (21ft³) 1.68m (5'6") 0.62m (2') 0.71m (2'4") 395 £3,570
CB14FE01 0.65m³ (23ft³) 1.83m (6') 0.62m (2') 0.71m (2'4") 400 £3,725
*If you would like a twin cylinder Toe Tip Bucket please add 'TW' to the end of the part number and £570 to the RRP.*

*If you require a bolt on reversible toe plate on your bucket please add TP27 to the bucket part number and add the RRP from the table below that relates to the width of bucket you have chosen*

Replacement Toe Plates

We keep a massive selection of Bolt on and Weld on Toe Plates in stock, which can usually be despatched on the same day of order. The below lists recognise our standard, stock toe plates. If you require a special toe plate that is not listed below, please contact us and we will endeavor to meet your needs. For bolt on toe plates, if you are unsure which blade is right for you, call us with the hole centres and the number of holes required and we will do our best to help you out. The TP27 range is Bolt on toe plates and the TP26 is weld on.

TP26SS/1500 1.50m (4'11") 150 X 20mm £190
TP26S/1980 1.98m (6'6") 150 x 20mm £200
TP26A/2133 2.13m (7') 150 x 20mm £205
TP26/2286 2.28m (7'6") 150 x 20mm £210
TP26AW/2450 2.45m (8'½") 150 x 20mm £215
TP26WW/2591 2.59m (8'6") 150 x 20mm £220
TP26WWW/2743 2.74m (9') 150 x 20mm £225

TP27SS/1500 1.50m (4'11") 5 285mm 200 x  20mm £255
TP27S/1980 1.98m (6'6") 7 285mm 200 x 20mm £265
TP27A/2133 2.13m (7') 8 285mm 200 x 20mm £275
TP27/2286 2.28m (7'6") 8 285mm 200 x 20mm £285
TP27AW/2450 2.45m (8'½") 8 320mm 200 x 20mm £300
TP27WW/2591 2.59m (8'6") 8 320mm 200 x 20mm £315
TP27WWW/2743 2.74m (9') 9 320mm 200 x 20mm  £330
For Spare Toe Plate Nut and Bolt use Part Number PB01 RRP £4 each





Part Number
Bolt on reversible toe plate
£Price dependant on the width of the bucket.  Please see the replacement toe plate section for the full range.
Full width spill guard
Half width spill guard




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