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4 in 1 Buckets

The Cherry 4 in 1 Bucket is built upon a heavy duty design for use in a variety of applications.

Manufactured as standard with 3 bucket wear edges, protected heavy duty high capacity hydraulic cylinders and high grade zinc plated pins. The Product and can be used as a Bucket, Grader, Clamp and a Digger. As standard, all models are fitted with a double bevel, bolt on reversible toe plate. Digging teeth can be fitted upon request.

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Brackets Included

Part No.CapacityWidthHeightDepthWeight KgRRP 
CB41FE035 0.25m³ (9ft³) 1.50m  (5') 0.86m (2'10") 0.62m (2') 275 £5410
CB41FE025 0.28m³ (11ft³) 1.60m (5'3'') 0.86m (2'10") 0.62m (2') 305 £5530
CB41FE015 0.42m³ (15ft³) 1.70m (5'7'') 0.86m (2'10") 0.62m (2') 365 £5640
CB41S 0.73m³ (26ft³) 1.98m (6'6'') 0.90m (3') 0.80m (2'8") 565 £5790
CB41A 0.79m³ (28ft³) 2.13m (7') 0.90m (3') 0.80m (2'8") 585 £6050
CB41 0.84m³ (30ft³) 2.28m (7'6'') 0.90m (3') 0.80m (2'8") 600 £6360
CB41W 0.89m³ (32ft³) 2.45m (8') 0.90m (3') 0.80m (2'8") 620 £6665
*To swap the bolt on reversible toe plate for digging teeth please add 'DT' to the end of any of the above part nubers*


Replacement Toe Plates

We keep a massive selection of Bolt on and Weld on Toe Plates in stock, which can usually be despatched on the same day of order. The below lists recognise our standard, stock toe plates. If you require a special toe plate that is not listed below, please contact us and we will endeavor to meet your needs. For bolt on toe plates, if you are unsure which blade is right for you, call us with the hole centres and the number of holes required and we will do our best to help you out. The TP27 range is Bolt on toe plates and the TP26 is weld on.

TP26SS/1500 1.50m (4'11") 150 X 20mm £275
TP26S/1980 1.98m (6'6") 150 x 20mm £290
TP26A/2133 2.13m (7') 150 x 20mm £300
TP26/2286 2.28m (7'6") 150 x 20mm £300
TP26AW/2450 2.45m (8'½") 150 x 20mm £305
TP26WW/2591 2.59m (8'6") 150 x 20mm £305
TP26WWW/2743 2.74m (9') 150 x 20mm £315

TP27SS/1500 1.50m (4'11") 5 285mm 200 x  20mm £370
TP27S/1980 1.98m (6'6") 7 285mm 200 x 20mm £385
TP27A/2133 2.13m (7') 8 285mm 200 x 20mm £395
TP27/2286 2.28m (7'6") 8 285mm 200 x 20mm £415
TP27AW/2450 2.45m (8'½") 8 320mm 200 x 20mm £435
TP27WW/2591 2.59m (8'6") 8 320mm 200 x 20mm £455
TP27WWW/2743 2.74m (9') 9 320mm 200 x 20mm  £480
For Spare Toe Plate Nut and Bolt use Part Number PB01 RRP £8 each







Part NumberDescription£RRP
CB41P01 Main Pivot Pin 38mmØ 245mm long £45
CB41P02 Top Ram Pin 38mmØ 130mm long £45
CB41P03 Bottom Ram Pin 38mmØ 190mm Long £50
CP02 Hydraulic Cylinder £320
DT27 Digging Teeth £35


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