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Bale Spikes

All products in our Bale Spike Range are based on the same Heavy Duty principal design, with a durable box section frame, Kverneland style tines and tine bushes. Brackets are included on all models. If you require extra bushes in the frame work, as shown in some pictures above, please ask.   

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Brackets Included

Part No.Will Handle -CapacityWidthHeightDepth£ RRP
CH27 1 x Round Bale 500kgs 1.27m (4'2") 0.81m (2'8") 0.98m (3'3") £635
CH27A5 2 x 5' Round Bales 800kgs 1.52m (5') 0.81m (2'8") 0.98m (3'3") £880
CH27A6 2 x 6' Round Bales  800kgs 1.82m (6') 0.81m (2'8") 0.98m (3'3") £915
CH27B 1 x Rectangular Bale 500kgs 1.52m (5') 0.81m (2'8") 0.98m (3'3") £845
CH27AE* 2 x Round Bales / 3 x Rectangular Bales (upto 800mm high each) 1500kgs 1.71m (5'7") 1.26m (4'2")* 0.98m (3'3") £995
CH27BE* 3 x Rectangular Bales (upto 800mm high each) 1500kgs 1.71m (5'7") 1.26m (4'2")* 0.98m (3'3") £935
*Please note that the part numbers with 'E' on the end have an adjustable and removable extension, which closed adds 0.44m to the height shown in the table above and fully extended adds 0.90m to the height shown in the table above.*


  • Tines, bushed in the main frame for secure spiking and stacking of bales. 980mm as standard with 680mm anti rotation tines on round bale models.
  • Weld on Brackets, included on all models as standard. Don't get caught out by cheaper alternatives where brackets are charged afterwards and only bolted on
  • Variety of Models, each Bale Spike we offer has been specifically designed and built to suit certain bale types and quantities to be moved. 
  • Heavy Duty Frame, purpose built for the bracket type, bale type and consistant relability.


Part NumberDescription£RRP
980mm long,  Straight KV Type Tine W/M28 Nut
680mm Long, Straight KV Type Tine W/M20 Nut
Conus 1 Bush 33.5mm Ø
Conus 1 Bush 41mm Ø


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