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Pick Up Hitch Parts

Please find below a list of some of the most common parts we supply for our Pick Up Hitches.There are many other parts we do, so if the item you require is not listed, please contact our sales office.

Parts for Cherry Telehandler Pick Up Hitch Range 

PUH/AUTOLH Auto Latching Hook (2 off) £130.00 rrp

PUH/CAB Pick Up Hitch Cable (pre 2012) £90.00 rrp

PUH/HANDCAB Pick Up Hitch Cable (post 2012) £115.00 rrp

PUH/LSPR Latch Arm Spring (2 off) £28.00 rrp

PUH/P01 Top Pin 25mm x 120 mm £20.00 rrp

PUH/P02 Lower Pin 25mm x 200mm £22.00 rrp

PUH/RPIN Roll Pin 6mm x 50mm (2 off) £6.00 rrp