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Box Scraper

Three Point Linkage Fittings

The Box Scraper is suitable for a variety of Tractor horsepowers and gives a cost effective solution to breaking up and levelling surfaces. Ideal for farm drives, tracks and the like, the ultra hard wearing reversible front tines break up the immediate surface with relative ease. From here, these height adjustable tines can be lifted higher up which allows the rear blades to grade or level the top layer as required. Bolt on replaceable wear runners either side of the frame complete the heavy duty design.  

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Part Number
6' wide three point linkage mounted box scraper
  CBS70 7' wide three point linkage mounted box scraper  £POA
  CBS80 8' wide three point linkage mounted box scraper  £POA

Did you know?

"Suitable for a variety of industries, our Box Scrapers are currently being used on Rally Tracks to level off top surfaces in between events"

Box ScraperBox Scraper










Box ScraperBox Scraper

  • Purpose; Ideal for farm drives, tracks, outdoor arenas etc.
  • Suitability; Available with Cat 1, 2 or 3 linkage to suit a variety of Tractor horsepowers
  • Tines; 8 height adjustable front tines. Ultra hard wearing, reversible tine points
  • Levelling Blades; 3 point adjustable front and rear blades provide levelling after ripping from front tines
  • Runners; Bolt on and such can be replaced when worn. Protect the main frame of the scraper