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Headstock Conversions

Headstock Conversions allow you to have a machine of a certain manufacturer and pick up attachments with another manufacturers bracket type on them. For example, if you have attachments with pin and cone brackets on them and you are buying a Merlo machine, we can convert this Merlo headstock so it will pick up your pin and cone attachments.

Part No.
Headstock converted with manual locking on attachments
Headstock converted with hydraulic locking on attachments

For more information please contact your local Dealer.

All headstocks are returned painted black. However we do offer a wide range of colour options with POA.

We offer many different types of headstock conversions. Please contact our Sales Office for more information.

Some headstock conversions will derate the capacity of the machine and and in some configurations can foul the machine's tyres. For information on this please contact our Sales Office.  Headstock conversions are a comprimise and as such may not work as well as an original or complete replacement unit in relation to achievable crowd and dump angles. Whilst we make every effort to compensate this, this does need to be recognised.

Headstock Conversions are our forte. Come to us for the quality, experience and knowledge that you will be using the UK's leading Headstock Converter.