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Flat Bale Grabs

Our Bale Handling range is built specifically to suit your exisitng bale sizes. We use proven bale claws which work in unison for a trustworthy pick up. Our standard range is made up of the five grab types below, but we can accommodate any bale size you may have. If you would like any further information on our bale grab range or compatibility options, please contact our sales office. As with every products the Cherry Products manufacture, Brackets and Pipework are included as standard.

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Part No.
Will Handle ;-
8 x Conventional Bales (Flat 8)
10 x Conventional Bales (Flat 10)
2 x 800mm Wide Bales / Flat 8 Conventional Bales
3 x 800mm Wide Bales / 2 x 1200mm Wide Bales
3 x 1200mm Wide Bales 

Flat 8 Bale GrabFlat 10 Bale Grab










Mini Hesston Bale GrabHesston Bale Grab

  • Claws, casted rather than profile cut – helps reduce the chance of breaking bale strings 
  • Brackets, integral to the strength and design of the attachment. Standard on all models
  • Ram(s), whether single or double, High capacity allows the tines to enter bale simultaneously for secure pick up 
  • Guide Rail, can be fitted both sides. Allows tight stacking of bales
  • Purpose built designs, each model is specific for your bale size/type, ensuring a secure grip and perfect stacking, everytime